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7 Ways to Keep Healthy Habits from Hibernating

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December 22, 2016

As the weather begins to drop from fun to frigid, the motivation to keep healthy habits begins to tail off. Next thing you know, it’s been weeks since your last workout and you may or may not have just purchased your favorite treat at the grocery store.

Although it’s tempting to welcome the winter season with an increase in Netflix and naps, there are plenty of activities in and around the house to help you stay healthy.

Exercising to increase your heart rate, eating more fruits and vegetables to combat fatty holiday foods, and spending time in the sun can yield great results for your health. If office hours or other responsibilities prevent time in the sun, Plexus XFactor™ Family Chewables provide 1000 IUs of Vitamin D, so you can get all of the necessary nutrients this winter.*

No need to write your New Year’s resolution to reclaim your healthy routines. Here are seven easy-to-follow suggestions to ensure your healthy habits don’t hibernate this winter.

To help you stay fit and feeling good, here are seven tips to keep your healthy habits from hibernating this winter.


posted 9 months ago

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