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Help keep your body from absorbing up to 48% of this season’s pesky carbs and sugars with Plexus Block.*

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Plexus products including weight management, nutrition, and personal care
Plexus weight management products include Slim, Accelerator+, Block, Boost, and P96

Weight Management

Safe, effective weight management solutions for complete health from the inside out.*

Plexus nutrition products include Vitalbiome, XFactor Plus, XFactor Family Chewables, Nerve, Ease, EDGE, Bio Cleanse, MegaX, and Probio5


Rebalance, restore, and reinvigorate your life with our comprehensive approach to nutrition.*

Plexus personal care products incldue Plexus Body Cream, Ease Cream, and the Breast Chek Kit

Personal Care

Products that renew and protect your body from the outside.

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The 1…2…3…Gut Punch Your Health Needs

Plexus Slim®, BioCleanse, and ProBio 5 combine in this powerhouse system to remove, restore, and rebalance your body—helping to balance your gut back. Oh! And, don’t forget TriPlex has been shown to help you shed an l-b or two.*

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Heart + soul

See how One Plexus® award recipient Amy Kosmalski’s passion for health and happiness is improving the lives of her friends, her children, and people with special needs.